Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm not a fan of this design but it was the least annoying template blogger has. I am heading to Pittsburgh in a few weeks and maybe I can get some help from a friend. I have what I want pretty much laid out, but I lack the skill to implement it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucky's Sporthouse

My dad and I ate here last Saturday, around 1pm or so. The atmosphere is atypical of a sports bar, at least in my experience, with a lot of open space, uncramped seating and well-lit with subtle lighting and big tinted windows. Our waitress/bartender was great and attentive and we enjoyed chatting with her when she wasn't busy.

We sat at the bar, which is a nice wrap-around deal and wide enough to actually eat at. Service was prompt. We ordered 2 Blue Moons and a Crab & Maine Lobster Dip as an appetizer while we decided what to have for our lunch. The appetizer was very good, not overly seasoned with spices and/or Old Bay like most crab dishes tend to be. The pita chips were just crisp, not overly fried until they were hard and crunchy, and the seasoning was just right for them, with a hint of garlic and not too salty. We were quite happy with it.

I decided on a Grilled Chicken Panini and my father chose a Texas BBQ Burger. We were just finishing our appetizer when our plates arrived. He suggested we split our sandwiches in half and swap so we could try both, and I readily agreed. My sandwich was pretty good, nice and simple and clean. That is not to say it was bland, though I would have liked a bit more of the basil aioli, or a stronger portion of basil in it. It also came with a small cup of fruit- cantaloupe, honeydew and grapefruit wedges.

Dad's burger was bigger than he expected, with a nice thick burger, onion straws (they call them Tobacco Onions) and just the right amount of cheese. Most importantly, it wasn't sloppy with sauce like most barbecue burgers were. The burger itself was great- very loosely packed and tasted good and fresh and it was not over-cooked.

My dad and I were quite happy with our choice, neither of us having eaten there before, and we would happily return to try more of their menu and enjoy their company.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Test post (to be replaced later)

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